The Pool will open Saturday, June 20 and be open daily from 10 am-6 pm.
A reservation system has been set up through the BGTC app and website to reserve a cabana. Members must make a reservation for a cabana to access the pool. Reservations will be divided into the following time slots: 10 am-12 pm, 12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, and 4-6 pm. Only members with a reserved cabana will be allowed to swim and protocols will be in place for social distancing in the water.

Each cabana is set up with dining tables and chairs. Any food purchased from the Snack Bar must be taken back to the cabana area. Dining at the Pool Patio is by reservation only (separate from a cabana reservation).

Lap Swim will take place every evening from 6-7 pm and is for adults only.

The Pool staff has been directed by the Board of Governors to ensure that all rules and regulations are enforced.

Dress Code:
Shoes, shirts or cover-ups must be worn when coming into or leaving the pool area. Swimsuits are required to be worn in the pool at all times. Dressing rooms are provided for changing purposes, including diapers. Swimsuits should not be changed in the clubhouse locker rooms.

Cell Phones:
The use of cell phones and any similar electronic device is prohibited in the pool area and any other place on the Club grounds.

Music Players:
Music players may only be used with earphones.

Pool Area:
When ropes are up, swimming lanes must be observed. No glass or other breakable containers are allowed in the pool area. No dogs or other pets are permitted in the pool area. Activities that involve running are prohibited. Adults have priority use of all Club chairs. Members are requested to use receptacles placed throughout the pool area for disposal of cups, plates, water bottles, and other refuse and to clean up after themselves.

Children under ten (10) years of age may not be left on Club grounds, or in any Club facility, unattended. Children who have completed the 4th grade and/or are ten (10) years of age or older may be in the pool area without supervision; however, they will be required to pass a deep water test before being allowed to swim in the deep end and to use the diving board. The pool director will keep a list of the children who have passed the test.  If you are leaving a child age ten (10) years of age or over at the pool, you must leave a phone number where you can be reached in the case of an emergency.Children wearing flotation devices must be accompanied in the pool at all times by an adult or sitter over twelve (12) years of age. Swimmies that are worn around the arms and bubbles that are worn on the back are not acceptable flotation devices.

Baby Pool:
Lifeguards are on duty at the baby pool, however infants, toddlers and young children must be accompanied by an adult at all times in and around the baby pool. Children in the baby pool must be supervised at all times by an adult or sitter over twelve (12) years of age. Members should be certain that au pairs or babysitters know that their charges in the baby pool are solely the responsibility. Infants/toddlers not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper if in either pool. Diapers may only be changed in the locker rooms. Children who are 8 and older and have passed their water test should not be swimming, playing or splashing in baby pool as it is reserved for younger members and their caregivers.

Caregivers, Au Pairs & Babysitters:
All caregivers, au pairs and babysitters must be registered withthe Pool Director and introduced to the pool staff. If multiple babysitters are used, the pool staff must be notified of the individual responsible a child each time before leaving the pool area. It is the Member’s responsibility to register caregivers with Pat Kalis in the Business Office as a flat season fee will be charged to the Members for a caregiver, au pair or multiple babysitters’ use of the pool.  All caregivers must follow the rules of the Club.  It is the Member’s responsibility to review the dress code and cell phone use policy with their caregiver

Snack Bar:
Parents are responsible for all charges that their children, guests, and au pairs make at the snack bar.

A local resident may be invited as a guest for any sports activity no more than one (1) day per month. Rotating hosts is not permitted and the member must be present when the guest is on Club grounds. All guests must be signed in at the table inside the pool gate before swimming to allow for the billing of appropriate guest fees.